For current membership form please email : or go to the West Somerset Riding Club Facebook page . 

Click here for SENIOR member photographic consent form

Click here for JUNIOR member photographic consent form

. ***Due to GDPR membership renewals and new memberships must complete both forms to enable your membership to be processed.***

We would be delighted to have you join us at the West Somerset Riding Club.

BRC membership cards will now be sent via email  once BRC  have received notification from the Club that you have renewed or joined in the current year.  Cards for new or renewing members will only be emailed out by BRC once a month and you must have a valid card to participate in any riding club activities or claim any of the benefits of membership. For a list of membership benefits please see a little further down this page.

Subscriptions are due on  1st January each year. Juniors should be over 10 and under 18 years of age on 1st January of the year in which they join.

The Club offers Senior and Junior riding membership, and non-riding membership.

The current subscriptions rates are:

Senior and Junior Riding members £28
Non-Riding members £18.
Additional family members £5 reduction

Membership perks:

  • Quarterly issues of the BRC Rider Magazine
  • Liability Insurance whilst taking part in BRC events/activities.
  • Save up to 35% on a subscription to equestrian magazines Horse & Hound, Horse and Eventing when you call 0844 848 0848 and quote MADD.
  • 30% discount when you join the BHS as a new member. Call 08701 201900 or join online: (each person applying must already be a BRC member)
  • 15% off Duralock Post & Rail fencing
  • 10% off Signam Products. t: 01926 417300 or visit
  • 5% discount on all wall, stable and trailer rubber matting t: 01536 513456
  • 5% off all orders from Jump4Joy (excludes jump cups) t: 01386 7933339
  • 5% off any purchase at Kate Negus Saddlery. t: 0845 4308456 or visit
  • £5 off Freezemarking services at Farmkey. t: 0870 870 7107 or visit